Living off the grid is a dream for some people, and for others it is a necessity

At Central Spark we do not believe in a one size fits all approach to the design of our systems. Working with our Clean Energy Council approved designers, we can build a bespoke solution to meet your needs, whether that be a small weekender, your dream home or an engineering workshop. Our team has extensive experience working in many challenging environments, varying project sizes and locations throughout Victoria.

The Design Process:
  • Firstly we need to understand your budget. Designing a Standalone power system is a bit like building a house. We need a scope to work with, it helps to set our design boundaries and help you understand the costs from the outset.
  • The load profile – This is vitally important for us to create an accurate design. It is simply a list of all of the appliances you intend to have, a bit of a wish list really. This does not need to be perfect as we can fill in a lot of the technical details for you. If you would like a copy of the form please download [NOTE: download or save a local copy IE right click, save as] … here.
  • Refinement – Once we have provided you with a quote based on the load profile information we then start to refine the quote.  For example if the quote for your chosen design is a bit high we can look at substituting appliances for lower energy ones.

Working with our in-house Solar Accreditation Australia approved designers [formerly Clean Energy Council], we will build a bespoke solution to meet your needs

The manufacturers we recommend are genuinely tried and tested to local conditions
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