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Central Spark Victoria is a provider of genuine, high quality renewable energy solutions. With more than a decade of experience we offer a range of customised solutions, consulting and diagnosis. We collaborate closely with our customers to provide the most suitable energy solution for their requirements.

We have extensive experience in many different installation challenges facing your project. We regularly consult and collaborate with key industry experts and partners.  This ensures we are constantly abreast of the latest products, governing legislation, and key factors relating to the renewable energy industry.

Being active members of the Smart Energy Council and a Clean Energy Council “Approved Retailer” (soon to be New Energy Tech), we are invested in the long term viability of renewable energy and support the Victorian Government target of 0 net emissions by 2040.

Our systems are all installed with a certificate of electrical safety and are covered by Central Spark Victoria’s workmanship warranty with our 7 year guarantee.

Grid Connect

A Grid Connected solar power system with or without battery storage is environmentally and economically a wise choice as it reduces your carbon footprint dramatically and can reduce your energy bills by over 70%

Off Grid

Working with our Clean Energy Council approved designers, we can build a bespoke solution to meet your needs, whether that be a small weekender, your dream home or an engineering workshop


We can create a specialised solar PV solution for your commercial site, saving you money and reducing your carbon output. We will work with you to understand the consumption patterns of your business to determine the appropriate size of system for your requirements while fitting in the space available and budget for your project


We only recommend the highest quality equipment to our customers with the philosophy of ‘if we wouldn’t install it for ourselves, we won’t install it for you’

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